Sunday, March 2, 2014

Liberals and diplomacy

Liberals are all about diplomacy, which is ironic because they suck at it. They don't understand diplomacy at all. They think that if they talk, and make promises, and sign agreements, and shake hands and smile, everything will be okay, and the world will be a better place. It never works out for them, and yet they keep at it time after time, explaining away previous mistakes, and insisting things will work this time. They won't.
For diplomacy to be effective, it must be backed with a credible threat of force. There must be some visible consequence to failing to live to up to ones obligations, or else why bother? This is why liberals, especially Obama, fail at diplomacy. They have no credible threat of force backing up their words, because they are a bunch of pussies, and everyone knows it.
Obama is a weakling, a coward, an incompetent fool, an empty space in the air surrounded by an expensive suit. Do you really think Putin is intimidated by Obama? Putin has taken an accurate read of his opponent, and realized he can do as he likes, because Obama doesn't have the grapes to do anything about it.
Obama's failings as a leader and as a man are going to cause the deaths of a LOT of innocent people. The chaos you see going on around the world right now is a direct result of America being led by weak, vain, and foolish men.